New Clients

All new clients are welcome no prior Pilates experience is needed.

One of the following options is REQUIRED for all new REFORMER clients:

Introduction to Reformer Pilates – $55 (introductory offer only, normal price $69)

1 private 60-minute Reformer session on a day/time of your choice
An all over body session teaching you the basics and fundamentals of Reformer Pilates and core activation.

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Quick Start package

1 Private Reformer 3 x Matwork classes and 3 x Reformer Pilates classes $120 (these will be full classes please let your instructor know if you would like to exchange them for Xpress Reformer classes)

For those who felt comfortable in their first session and just cant wait to get started!

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The Master Starter

Three Private sessions $120 – each session 50 minutes

Perfect for those who want to master a little more skill before commencing classes.
After teaching you the fundamentals in your first session we work on some several different positions on the Reformer further helping you with the correct technique and alignment. This is a perfect way to gain confidence for those still feeling a little unsure to enter the group sessions.
This package can be easily upgraded if you have already purchased our $55 option but would like to continue in privates.

Standard Pricing for Reformer Pilates

Casual: $30.00
5 Session pack:$135
10 Session pack:$250

All other classes:

All other classes can commence with no prior experience however private sessions are recommended for those with injuries or for those having difficulty understanding Pilates principles. All classes cater for beginners although it is recommended to come in a little earlier before class to discuss your needs. Or please feel free to phone the studio for a chat.