Reformer Pilates: (50 min)  A full body workout using spring loaded resistance conducted on the Pilates Reformer. Tones arms, legs and abdominals and improves posture and flexibility. Lengthens and strengthens muscles without building bulk. Adjustable springs allow for all levels of ability. * Please note, Lunchtime express has its own pricing option.



Matwork Pilates: (50 min) Pilates performed on padded mats on the floor. Incorporates resistance bands, Pilates circles, Fitballs, gliding discs, and/or small weights. Matwork Pilates focuses on core strength, pelvic and spinal stability, and developing balance and coordination. Mats and all equipment are provided.



Stretch & Tone Reformer Pilates: (50 min) Elements of yoga and Pilates combined with deep stretching on the Reformer. A gentle class designed to stretch and lengthen the muscles and keep you flexible while giving your muscles a workout. Great class to take before work.



Pure Barre: (55 min) This is upbeat, energising class is the ultimate fusion of dance and Pilates and challenges coordination, rhythm, and cardiovascular fitness. Exercises can be modified for beginners, those with injuries, and prenatal clients, as well as for those advanced clients wanting an intense workout. This full body workout lengthens, stretches, and strengthens the body from top to bottom and from the inside out. Please wear socks with grips on the soles.



Lunchtime Express Reformer Pilates: (40 min) Fits in with your lunch break! Designed to reverse the negative effects of long periods of sitting which can lead to a number of health concerns including obesity and metabolic syndrome. If available class times do not suit you, consider arranging a private group lunchtime class for you and your colleagues; please speak to an instructor. 


Choose the class that’s right for you.

All classes are suitable for beginners; modifications will be demonstrated if you wish to advance your workout. Please inform instructor prior to coming to class if you have any injuries or restrictions so that she can modify the class structure. Private one-on-one sessions are available if you would like to build your confidence in the reformer machine and Pilates principles before beginning group classes; simply log into the scheduling website and click on the Appointments tab at the top of the page to search for a date and time of your chosing.